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I’ve been teaching Pilates for six years. I originally hail from San Francisco and was introduced there to the world of Pilates in 2005. I’d love to share with you healthy lifestyle tips. Let’s make Pilates an important part of your every day!

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When I started...

taking Reformer classes in San Francisco, I immediately felt and saw results. I’m a trained physical theatre actor, and the new found strength not only helped my stamina onstage, it also opened up a new world and passion. Within a year, I was the strongest and fittest I had ever been in my life, and now Pilates is an integral part of my every day. I especially love developing ways to do mat Pilates at home for busy parents like me—as a busy mom, I find that exercise anchors and motivates me. I take great satisfaction in sharing healthy lifestyle tips with my clients and guiding them toward the same success and passion in their own practice. 

        Six years ago I moved with my husband and two children from San Francisco—where I was an actor, photo stylist, and preschool teacher—to Lincoln to be closer to my parents. I’m a first-generation Hungarian. My name is a fairly common one in Hungary, but tricky to pronounce elsewhere: CHEE-luh.
        My family and I love to spend time hiking, biking, traveling, hanging out with friends and family, cooking, and camping. 

exercise, community, and family!

Client reviews

Great class! Simple moves that are way more challenging than they look. The instructor is very down to earth and easy to follow, and working out at home without needing a ton of equipment is exactly what I wanted!
Christina E.
Lincoln, CA
Csilla’s enthusiasm and positive energy makes each class fun and challenging. She is extremely knowledgeable and really takes the time to ensure you get your best workout. Csilla has helped me improve my core strength, flexibility and posture. I feel a little bit taller after each class 🙂 I absolutely love Pilates classes with Csilla!
Kara D.
Lincoln, CA
I started doing Pilates with Csilla a little over a year ago now, and it was one of the best things I have done for my body and soul. I used to have all kinds of problems with shoulder, neck and back pain, but thanks to having an excellent Pilates teacher I was able to feel better. Pilates with Csilla has truly helped me find a great physical and emotional balance. And as a bonus Csilla is a fun, engaging instructor which makes her classes fun!
Maria F.
Lincoln, CA